April 19, 2014

Scrabble Date Night

Date night.  You know what that is, right?  You and your sweetie talk it over, make plans, find a sitter and off you go to share some much needed time out on the town with one another.  Yeah, I remember when date night actually happened for us - prior to the birth of our son.  I hate to admit it but we don't get out as a couple much these days.  We find it hard to fit it in with work and family obligations.  So how do we keep the spark alive?  Date night at home!

My blogging buddy Denise over at Go Cheap or Go Home hit the nail on the head when she posted her now famous 52 Stay At Home Date Night Ideas.  This list gives you some amazing ideas of how to enjoy a date night without ever leaving your home.  That's right, no need for a sitter because these can happen after you've put the kiddos to bed.  Check out the list for yourself.  Of course the crafter in me was immediately attracted to #18.  A fun night and a craft to boot...what could be better!

I started with the last of the three wood tile boards I purchased at Walmart a while back {the other two were used for my It's Fall and Christmas Countdown boards}.  

Each tile was painted in an antique white acrylic paint.  The best part -- the little prince stopped playing crossing guard to come help me with the painting.  What a good assistant {smile}.

Using a pencil and ruler, I created a grid in each tile to match that of a true scrabble board.

I painted over each pencil line with white acrylic paint.  Note: if I were to do this again, I would use a paint pencil to make the lines.  I hand painted the lines and they are a little wonky...lol.  And speaking of wonky, I should have created the star with my Silhouette using vinyl.  Boy am I awful at hand painting stars.  Aren't all preschool teachers supposed to know how to make those!?!

Fast forward.  The frame is painted blue, I've completed the colored tiles, and added some fun lettering.  This is really coming together.

The letters were printed on regular printer paper.  I cut each letter out carefully and glued them in place.  I needed to make sure that I protected the letters, so I used Mod Podge Dimensional Magic.  This was my first time using the product and I loved it.  Remember that a little goes a long way.  I used a toothpick to spread it around on each little square and let it dry.

The finished product.  I'm so happy with it, little imperfections and all.

What's next?  Put the kids to bed, make a dessert to share, grab the scrabble board and make it a date night -- bringing the 'love in' house.  Not fond of playing board games?  Seriously, there are 52 ideas on the list, I'm sure there is something on it that will fit your fancy.  Go ahead, I dare you.  Date night doesn't have to break the bank and the creativity goes a long way to strengthening your relationship!

April 8, 2014

All Wrapped Up

When you think of cheerleading, what does that bring to mind?  Cute little girls in their uniforms performing massive acrobatic stunts and perfectly choreographed routines?  Yup, that's what I envision too.  But I've recently learned that there is a place for a craft lady like me in cheerleading...behind the scenes.

My fav customer's daughter is a part of a local cheer squad and they have kept me quite busy this cheer season.  Originally the plan was to blog each thing I did for them, but let's be honest here -- most of my crafts happen after 9pm so the idea of getting them completed on time, staging and taking pictures AND getting up a blog post was way too overwhelming for me.  So I decided to do one post with pics of the items I did.  *Warning:  Poor picture quality*  Late night crafting means I forgo the Canon for my phone camera and pray for a good result (don't judge).

Here is my season with the Cheer Jewels all wrapped up!

These are the awesome cupcake toppers.  After each competition (monthly), the girls receive a 'cheer' inspired goody bag.  A couple of the bags included cupcakes topped with these personalized toppers.

February was all about "love".  Red, pink and white M&M's in candy containers that I purchased from Pick Your Plum were included in the bags.

Year end girls' gift - a framed group picture.  I hand painted each one with the squad's colors and a megaphone then used vinyl for the name.

The end of season card made for the two coaches -- each girl signed {forgot to take a pic...again, don't judge}

The ultimate coaches gift - a spa basket which included a luxury spa gift card to a well known local spa, monogrammed spa robes and several goodies from The Body Shop.  The assistant coaches (two high school students) received a mani/pedi at another local establishment.  Oooh-la-la!

What fun it's been this season helping out behind the scenes for the Cheer Jewels.  Now it's time to sit back and relax...that is until next season!

UPDATE:  My customer sent me a forwarded messages from the head coach.  Here is what she had to say  "I'm not sure who all helped put the basket together so please pass along to whomever.  I just wanted to say how awesome the whole basket was.  The Cheer Jewel card is adorable!!  The robe is my new best friend and the lotions and shower gels are heavenly!  Thanks again for all the time and work it took to put that together.  Very nice!!!"

And this is why I do what I do!  This note has had me smiling for over an hour.  I'm so happy that they are happy -- SCORE!

February 1, 2014

Shop and Save

I love a good sale.  Shoot let me be real, I love saving money!  Whether it's getting the best deal on our groceries, clothing or my coveted craft items, I am constantly looking for ways to keep on budget and keep money in our checking account.

One of my favorite craft places is Pick Your Plum. The deals are amazing and there is something for everyone.  I love them for the craft supplies but they aren't limited to just that.  See for yourself.

Looking for a fun way to give a Valentine?  These kraft bags are too sweet and they come in four different designs.  At the unbelievable price of $3.99 for a pack of ten, this isn't the deal you want to leave behind.

These wire baskets are simply lovely and at just $4.49 you can buy one in each size knowing you didn't break the bank.

Vintage is your love?  Well, these rustic clocks are perfect for the lover of all things vintage-y {like how I made that up} and at $9.99 you get the look you want at a price you can afford.

Clothes are where your shopping passion lies?  Well, you can't go wrong with these beautiful maxi skirts for $12.99.
Say whaaat!?!

Now can you see why I love Pick Your Plum?  You seriously don't want to miss out on what they have to offer.  Daily deals, 7 days a week.  What could be better!

January 17, 2014

Pretty in Pearls

Sometimes crafts are just meant to be cute.
To give you a smile.  A reminder that life can be airy and fun.
This is one of those crafts.

Scrolling through Pinterest I found this and instantly fell in love!
I knew that I just had to make one for the reigning princess of the house.

12 Days of Cheer! DIY Christmas Eve Outfit for your Dog via Ammo the Dachshund
Source: Ammo the Daschund
Besides falling head over hills for this 'shirt and tie' found at Ammo the Daschund, I couldn't stop smiling at how absolutely adorable little Ammo is in it.  I had to find a way to make this work for my girl and it hit me...what's more girly than  pearls.  I remembered I had an old pink collard shirt I no longer wear and a string of pearls meant for our Christmas tree, just what I need to get started.

Step One:  Go through closet and find shirt.

Pink Gap Shirt - perfect!

Step Two:  Cut off collar.

Sharp scissors and a steady hand are all that's needed

Step Three: Iron collar {not necessary unless collar is extremely wrinkled like mine}.

A good pressing.

Step Four: Grab clear jewels, button brad and pearls. Use hot glue gun to decorate. {Sorry no pic of this.  There was a fight between me and the hot glue gun and well...let's just say I wasn't the winner.}

Step Five: Use doggie treats to entice your princess into a photo shoot.

She is our beautiful girl...Pretty in Pearls!
I love that I was able to make this for her.  Mama absolutely loves her fur baby!
You can learn a little about how she became a part of our lives by checking
out the post For a Cause.  And in the meantime....

January 14, 2014

For a Cause

As a mom, I absolutely adore my little guy.  All of those cliche things you hear about motherhood are true.  You really do wear your heart outside your body when you become a mom.  But my heart belonged to someone else several months before my son was born.  I fell in love via the internet.

Her name is Apple and she had a story.  She was one of thirty dogs that had been removed as a part of a hoarding case.  The conditions that she and the others were kept in were horrific.  Caged, sick, underfed and a mother by the age of one, she was rescued by some amazing people - A Forever Home Rescue.  They gave her the medical attention she so desperately needed and found her a great foster home.  The moment I saw those beautiful brown eyes staring back at me from my screen eight years ago, I knew I had found my four legged fur baby...and she had found her forever home.

This sweet girl may never have been a part of my family if it weren't for the work of people who chose to act quickly and help change her fate.  People who work tirelessly to rescue animals in sometimes deplorable situations and give them a better life.  What they do would not be possible without financial support and now giving couldn't be easier thanks to Causora.com.

Causora's mission is to raise more funds by rewarding donations.  Rewarding donations?
Yes, when you give, you get.  Here's how it works:

Choose your favorite cause and make a donation
Get the equivalent value in Causora credits {Donate $20, get $20 reward credit to spend}
Redeem your credit for vouchers at 150+ socially responsible merchants

What could be better?  You help your favorite cause and you get a reward for doing so.  Causora calls this their "one-for-one giving platform" and for a person who lives on a budget and is all about a great deal, this is a major score!

If you are interested in helping A Forever Home do what they do best, click the link below.

Donate Now On Causora And Get Rewards!

Doggie rescue not your thing?  Your philanthropic heart lies elsewhere? No problem.  Head over to Causora.com to choose your cause, make your donation and receive your reward.  It's that simple.

Now, I know what you are thinking.  You really want to know about that cute collar she is wearing, right?
No need to fear - a post is coming soon!

This sponsored post is brought to you by Causora.com.  Be sure to like them on Facebook,  follow them on Twitter and on Google+

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