January 13, 2014

Simple Project Calendar

Happy New Year and welcome to 2014!

The new year brings about change.  The kind of change that has you making a vow to eat better, to exercise more, to become a better person {you know...long term goals - haha} and to be more organized.  If you are anything like me, your mental "to do list" grows with each passing day and somehow that list never seems to get shorter.  Okay let me be truthful here, I am a terrible procrastinator.  I know what needs to be done and I continually find reasons to do something else.  But the nonsense stops here!

A new year means a new me and I am not alone!  My Silhouette Challenge buddies and I are all sharing projects related to the theme of ORGANIZATION on our blogs today.  So after checking out this simple project calendar that I created to keep me on track, be sure to scroll to the bottom to browse the 35 other project inspirations that will have you ready to start your new year off right too!

For this craft I knew I wanted something simple that would allow me to see my projects at a glance.  A search of my craft space and I gathered up a piece of poster board and some thin black ribbon.  I grabbed my Silhouette machine and I was ready for business.

Using my Silhouette I created the weekly tags that I would need.  I used two different frame files and adjusted them to the size I needed.  Since I was placing these on white poster board, I gave each tag a vibrant color.  Making sure to set my machine to show the registration marks, I was ready to complete my print and cut.

If you've never used the print and cut feature, you should really give it a try.  Thanks to my wonderful Silhouette buddies and all of their knowledge, I tried it and baby I'm hooked!  My tags came out great.

Each space was measured and I used the thin black ribbon to create the lines.

Once I placed the tags in each space, I didn't like how the white border of the tags blended into the background of the poster board.  I decided to add a little more color to each block to give it a bit of pop.

After gluing each color block and tag into place and then laminating the entire thing, my project calendar is complete.

Laminating allows me to use a dry erase marker to write out my projects so I can keep track of what needs to be done when.  The great part about laminating is it can be used month after month.  How do you clean it off or make corrections?  Magic Eraser -- works like a charm!

Want more inspiration?  Can't wait to get more organized?  Well, wait no more...jump on the blog hop.  I promise you won't be disappointed!

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Unknown said...

I love the frame/color combination for your days of the week!! They really POP!

Little Blue's Room said...

Thanks Deanna! Simple was the key and I love how it turned out too! :-)

Vanessa said...

I'm the worst about procrastination! Seriously, the worst. I finished my post for today with just enough time to press "publish." I should totally make one of these for my office!

Little Blue's Room said...

Vanessa, I COMPLETELY get you...LOL! I truly believe this is a huge part of why I can't get things done the way I want (including getting blog posts finished). I promised myself that this year I would be better and I have to say -- thirteen days into the new year and I'm still on top of it. Of course the real test will be to see how I'm doing in April or May...hahaha! Be sure to let me know if you do try it, I'd love to hear how it works for you. :-)

Pam @ GetSilvered said...

This looks really terrific. Really great idea to laminate it into a little dry erase calendar. I like how you've added in the two different shapes of the tags and the colours - they're a great combo.

Camila said...

Great idea to keep week organized. I could used these tips! Thanks so much for the share!


Kristy gd said...

I love this project! A project to organize your project, it's just perfect! Plus, I really like the shape you used for week 1,3, and 5. I've never seen anything like it before, and I must admit that I'm smitten. :)

architectureofamom said...

I love the way your calendar is out in the open! I need to see my list, too, so a book calendar only goes so far.

D said...

Great Idea! Looks great and is so functional. I have a to do list I change daily but I may need this too to keep me focused on the long term goals.

Brenna said...

I love your calender. It looks great.

Little Blue's Room said...

Oh ladies, thanks so much for the love! I am such a visual person, so having this out where I can see it all the time will help me keep my projects in my mind. I do have an electronic calendar as well but this one is in my basement craft area, so between the two I will be reminded to stay on task. :-)

oscaralley said...

I looooooove SIMPLE and I love to print and cut! Great project calendar!!

~Krista~ said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!!!! I am always trying to stay on task... this would be so helpful!!!

Unknown said...

I love this idea! Laminating it was pure genius!

Janice @ NearlyHandmade said...

I'm SUCH a procrastinator, too! I definitely need to get organized with my projects... Maybe I'll start that next week ;) I've never used the print and cut feature, so i'm beginning to be more and more intrigued the more I see it done!

Karen Marie said...

Angela, You are a talented young lady with a purpose. I can not believe all the creativity and love you pour into your projects. They are really gifts to people. I will be following Little Blue's Room.I did read your about you and we have many things in common. Our family, friends and creativity is a way to save money, you do your work with love in heart. I am a retired stay at home mom.

Little Blue's Room said...

Thank you so much everyone! I truly do love what I do when I'm creating. I believe in the saying that if you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. I feel like that about crafting. No matter how long it takes to complete a craft, it doesn't feel like work to me. Thanks for stopping by and checking me out! :-)

Pippi21 said...

I don't own one of those machines that you have but your idea on Projects gave me inspiration for making my own. I'll title it Projects for 2015..I will attempt to buy some laminating sheets at K-Mart or Staples and put it on my bullentin board to remind me of Things I want the hired handyman to accomplish. By writing it down, it will help me organize. Instead of Week #, I will use which room I want to accomplish the project. Example:Home Office, Linen Closet, All bedroom closet doors to be replaced, Laundry area makeover, Main Bathroom makeover, Kitchen recycle/trash bin replacement and more shelfing inside pantry area. Gosh, all I need is a good handyman/contractor and play and win the lottery!

Does this make sense? All this is stored in my mind; I need to write it out to show the contractor/jhandyman. There are a lot more projects to accomplish. Hopefully some of them, I can get to before end of 2014..With my ADD, it will be a challenge. Thanks for the inspiration!

himanshi said...


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