December 1, 2012

Christmas Trees

Have you seen all the cute Christmas tree crafts happening in the blogsphere and on Pinterest?  I even saw some in Hobby Lobby and thought this might be a quick and easy craft to try my hand at.

Looking through my craft supplies, I found a styrofoam tree, jewelry wire, some yarn and scrapbook numbers.

With a bottle of glue, I began wrapping and gluing the yarn around the foam.  At this point, I became so involved I neglected to take additional pictures until it was finished so here's a look at my "12 Days of Christmas" Christmas tree.

I've since decided to remove the beaded circle from the top of this.  I didn't quite like the way it looked and it never sat well up there either.

Once I finished this one, I did is Tutu {Much} Tree

Happy Holidays to you and yours from me and mine!


Anonymous said...

Cute cute trees! I love the tutu cute one! Ha!

Little Blue's Room said...

Thanks Jenna! I had fun putting these little trees together and now they sit as fun and festive decoration for the holidays {smile}!

Amy of While Wearing Heels said...

What a fun and easy craft. I can't believe you had a tree in your craft are impressive. Both your trees look fun and are a great addition to any Christmas decor.

Little Blue's Room said...

Thanks for stopping by Amy! I wish I could say that I'm that good that I think ahead, but the truth is my stash of trees was bestowed upon me. My sister, who is an amazing doll artists, and a friend of hers who happens to be an accomplished crafter/artist herself cleaned up some of their craft supplies and gave me two bags full of goodies -- the trees were a part of that {smile}. I still have a few others that are about to become a part of my son's Kindergarten teachers Christmas gifts...stay tuned!

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