March 29, 2011

Pretty Bows

I love to craft and I find inspiration in many things that I come across daily. Though my main inspiration is my little prince, these bows are inspired by the many little princesses I see all the time.

With so many beautiful ribbons out there, the possibilities are endless. Just wish I had more time in my day to try them out.

~ Happy Crafting!

March 25, 2011

Thinking of Easter

My hopes of crafting this week were thwarted by seasonal allergies. I have been feeling poorly all week and doing anything that required me to bend down (or even look down for that matter) were out of the question.

Last night I decided to push through the pain. So after taking some meds and hanging out with a box of Kleenex, I started working on a centerpiece for Easter.

I found these cute little planters at Target in the dollar bin (another of my favorite crafting spots) for $2.50 each. A trip to the Dollar Store garnered me some cute little egg decorations and paper grass ($2 total).

Pastel/polka dot planter

Decorative eggs

Paper grass

I used a piece of green posterboard and cut it to fit the top of the planter. With my hot glue gun in hand, I glued down the grass and eggs on top. Though these aren't quite finished yet, here is what I have so far. I think they are going to make a nice addition to our neighborhood Easter dinner table.

March 18, 2011

Luck of the Irish Playdate

Today was our neighborhood St. Patty's Day playdate and what a wonderful day this turned out to be! The kids were more than excited and so was I! The table was set with mini cupcakes, cakepops and of course Lucky Charms cereal (because you can't have a St. Patty's Day playdate without it). The party didn't start until 5pm so we decided to include dinner - pizza! This was a blast to put together and I'm glad everyone had such a good time.

The party began with the kids doing their shamrock necklace craft

The finished product

The dessert table

The center piece


Lucky Charms

Cakepops (thanks to My Little Cupcake for the 'no bake' receipe and the wonderful cakepop mold. Mine were a little wonky for a first try but they were delicious!)

The night ended with the kids hoping to fill their 'pot of gold' bags {found here} with gold coins the leprechaun sprinkled around the front yard.

I love putting on a party. I guess now I can check St. Patty's Day off the list (smile).

Where we like to party!


March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

In anticipation of the St. Patty's Day playdate, here is the cute little leprechaun hat I crafted to hold the cupcakes and cake pops. Of course I forgot to take "before" pictures because I was making this during naptime but I used a styrofoam disk and ball. The ball was cut using a really large knife (I considered buying the $19.99 foam cutter at Michael's but seriously, I'm not going to be cutting styrofoam that often so I opted to leave it

Both pieces were painted with hunter green acrylic paint. The original plan was to have each piece spray painted green. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that I had red, blue and yellow spray paint but no green...ugh! I used leftover black and yellow felt from the pot of gold bags here and a shamrock cutout for the top.

Not too shabby if I do say so myself!

The shamrock cutout

The "hat" base

The finished product

Party day is tomorrow...what fun to look forward to!

March 13, 2011

A Little Leprechaun Luck!

Crafting for me means crafting on a budget. Now that I'm no longer working full-time (best decision of my life, by the way) it means that I have to clip coupons and make trips to my favorite crafting haunt...The Dollar Store. So to prepare for the St. Patty's Day playdate my neighbors and I will be hosting for the kiddos, I came back having spent just $4. I found these darling little green fabric bags and a package of felt. Here is what a little creativity (and an afternoon) can bring....

All the supplies to get started

Voila, the finished product!

I intend to add a little gold glitter to the pots of gold for a more sparkly effect but they turned out great! Now to prepare for a party. Stay to come.

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