March 18, 2011

Luck of the Irish Playdate

Today was our neighborhood St. Patty's Day playdate and what a wonderful day this turned out to be! The kids were more than excited and so was I! The table was set with mini cupcakes, cakepops and of course Lucky Charms cereal (because you can't have a St. Patty's Day playdate without it). The party didn't start until 5pm so we decided to include dinner - pizza! This was a blast to put together and I'm glad everyone had such a good time.

The party began with the kids doing their shamrock necklace craft

The finished product

The dessert table

The center piece


Lucky Charms

Cakepops (thanks to My Little Cupcake for the 'no bake' receipe and the wonderful cakepop mold. Mine were a little wonky for a first try but they were delicious!)

The night ended with the kids hoping to fill their 'pot of gold' bags {found here} with gold coins the leprechaun sprinkled around the front yard.

I love putting on a party. I guess now I can check St. Patty's Day off the list (smile).

Where we like to party!



Anonymous said...

So cute, I love themed playdates! Thanks for sharing

Little Blue's Room said...

It was truly a lot of fun to do as well!

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