August 27, 2011

It's All in the Polish!

When it comes to crafting, I never know when inspiration will strike. Sometimes it happens watching a commercial on television or thumbing through a magazine, but it has never come to me while I was heading off to the wonderful world of dreamland and singing the praises of 'Mr. Sandman'.

Well, that's exactly what happened with this craft. I was somewhere between semi-consciousness and completely asleep when I began thinking about nail polish. More precisely, the concept of a glamour-ific, glitzy-filled party that involved feather boas, glitter and tons of nail polish! After talking with a co-worker about what she wanted for her daughter's party, I began to think how much fun it would be to put together a party like this but also what kind of fun decor one could make around a nail polish theme.

Now if you haven't figured this out about me from previous posts, I try to do as many of my crafts as I can on a budget. Working part-time has been a blessing but I certainly miss the full-time paycheck so crafting has to be either free or very minimal. This one falls into the free category ~ everything I used for this I already had on hand.

All the supplies needed to get started. The empty bottle was my son's Marvel Heroes vitamin bottle

Using the exacto blade, I cut a little circle of plastic out of the cap. I cut the paint brush to size and used my glue gun to adhere it to the top

I used glitter glue and Mod Podge and painted the inside of the bottle then quickly filled it with pink tissue paper to give the appearance of nail polish

Now it was time to bring this whole thing together. I got on my computer and designed a label for both the front and top of the bottle and boy oh boy, I love how cute it is!

I simply had to add some "bling" for major FABULOSITY factor and of course no polish is complete without the color name on the bottom of the bottle. This was a fun, quick and easy craft and can't you just imagine the possibilities for a little girls' party? Perhaps you will see this in a future party I help to plan!

August 19, 2011

Message Board - Take 2!

Time for take 2! After reviewing the tutorial again, I gave it another try and this time I'm much happier with the end product.

The board and scrapbook paper

Paper cut to size and the area cut out for the vinyl chalkboard

Painted the edges with a pearlized black acrylic paint, making sure to paint a small edging around the top of the board

Covered the chalkboard with painters tape while I sprayed with clear acrylic

Found these great beads on clearance at Hobby Lobby to use for the handle. I placed them on galvanized wire and used jewelry wire to create the design.

The finished board and beaded handle

Perfection? Not quite, but it's certainly close - or at least closer than the last one (LOL!). As with anything, there are lessons to learn and this project is no exception, but I'm pleased and I hope my sister will be too!

August 18, 2011

Art Center

The little prince has officially turned into a 'big boy' least that's what he keeps telling me (haha). Several months ago we took a trip to Ikea and he picked out his new big boy bed which he calls a ladder bed but most of us know it as a bunk bed (smile).

Ever since the bed arrived I've been saying that I was going to do some redecorating but I've been slacking - that is until now. The room isn't completely done but I did finish his art center and I'm feeling pretty good about the outcome.

My inspiration came from Jenn at Clean & Scentsible. She did a kids art display in her boys' room (here) that I instantly fell in love with and knew I had to recreate for my son's room. Check out my latest project:

ART letters - I found these great curly-q letters at Hobby Lobby for 50% off; great deal

The frame - also found at Hobby Lobby for the best deal ever...90% off in the clearance section

I also purchased matting at 50% off - now do you see why I love this place so much? (lol)

I spray painted the frame with a Krylon blue glossy paint

I used Elmer's wood glue to adhere the matting to the frame (hard to make a straight glue line when taking a

After measuring the frame and cutting the corkboard, I used my glue gun to secure the corkboard to the matting

A completed board

The ART letters painted and sprayed with clear acrylic

Voila ~ I LOVE it!

The big reveal (hehe)- my BEFORE AND AFTER

Stay tuned for pics of a completed room, but for now.....

August 16, 2011

Art and Lunch on 'The Green'

The lazy days of summer have been so much fun for me and the little prince. We spent time at the pool, bowling, and movies, as well as enjoying some great playdates with friends. Once such playdate took us uptown via transit train and landed us in one of the best hidden gems of the city ~ The Green.

A cute little park nestled between office buildings and used by many as a great lunchtime getaway, we were joined by a couple of the little prince's classmates for lunch and a jaunt in the sprayground. The park is home to some great art deco pieces that are not only amazing but are kid friendly too.

We are having a wonderful time getting to know this new place we call home. Now off again...perhaps another local gem will make its way to the blogsphere, one never knows.

August 14, 2011

A Night in the Studio

Last night I had the best time! I wasn't enjoying the newest movie Help (though I have every intention of going to see it - the book was great!), hanging out at the local watering hole or even out to dinner with my sweetie. I was out with my friend Brooke at an art studio. Now for some that might not sound like a fun night but for the two of us, who love to be creative, we were completely overjoyed at the thought of spending some time away from our mommy duties to hang out with each other doing something fun and whimsical.

Our journey to last night began several months ago when we purchased a Groupon to a local canvas art studio. We realized the Groupon's were about to expire and she had already decided which date she wanted to go based on the art schedule - they were going to paint owls. Her oldest daughter's bedding has beautiful little pink owls in it and she wanted to paint something to incorporate into her new bedroom.

So we head off to our class at 6:30pm, stopping at Starbucks for something to drink before arriving. The class began at 7:00pm. Brooke has been to the studio twice before and she reassured me that it would be fun and not to worry because there would be step by step instruction. It was such a relaxing experience and she and I were the last to leave - at 11:30pm....LOL! The instructor was a wonderful woman with an art background who was extremely patient and very understanding - especially considering I was the last one to finish and the reason she was still there 40 minutes after everyone else left.

I haven't painted anything since my art class in college so I wondered how I would do but I went in with an open mind and here is what I came home with.....

My little family of owls - mommy, daddy and a rockin' baby

During class I decided that I would make my painting a representation of my little family and for those who know the little prince, they know he loves music so what could be more appropriate than my little baby owl rocking!

What a great addition this painting will be to the little prince's big boy music themed bedroom. A wonderful night shared with a great friend and I'll always have something to look at as a reminder - life can't get much better than that!

August 12, 2011

Message Board

I've said this before, but I love all things crafty. I find so many things on the web that spark interest or become inspiration for me. What I'm discovering about myself is that I like working with wood. I've also discovered that I'm intrigued with Mod Podge and all that it can do. After spending some time perusing my new favorite blog Mod Podge Rocks , I decided I would try my hand at putting these two together ~ enter my 'Message Board'.

I've often read on other blogs about crafting bloopers or misadventures. Well, I classify this one as a crafting "fail" (one of Though the final product isn't what I'd hoped for, I feel I've learned from my mistakes and will have better luck on my next one (a gift for my sister's birthday), at least that's my prayer.

The unfinshed wood plaque. I've taped off the section intended for the vinyl chalkboard
The fun scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby and the great vinyl chalkboard purchased from Pick Your Plum (love their stuff!)
I cut the scrapbook paper to fit the board then measured and cut the square out of the middle
I painted the edge of the board; making sure to paint a small edging around the top of the board as well
Here is where I "failed" - my Mod Podging needs some work. Though you can't see it in this picture, I have bubbles and wrinkles in the paper as well as an unsmooth finish from the Mod Podge I put on the top as a sealer (should have watched the tutorial before I began). After the paper dried, I used painters tape to cover the chalkboard portion and sprayed it with clear acrylic
Adding some hardware, galvanized wire and pearls for decoration and we have a handle for hanging
The finished product

Now that I know where I've made the mistakes, I'm headed back to complete the one I want to give my sister for her birthday. Let's just hope I've learned enough to make this one perfect - or as close to perfect as I can get (smile).

August 9, 2011

{Special Feature} ~ Drive-In Movie Party

Welcome to Annabella and Bryan's drive-in movie party!

What a cute party! Thanks to a wonderful family for letting the little prince and I share in the celebration.

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