August 12, 2011

Message Board

I've said this before, but I love all things crafty. I find so many things on the web that spark interest or become inspiration for me. What I'm discovering about myself is that I like working with wood. I've also discovered that I'm intrigued with Mod Podge and all that it can do. After spending some time perusing my new favorite blog Mod Podge Rocks , I decided I would try my hand at putting these two together ~ enter my 'Message Board'.

I've often read on other blogs about crafting bloopers or misadventures. Well, I classify this one as a crafting "fail" (one of Though the final product isn't what I'd hoped for, I feel I've learned from my mistakes and will have better luck on my next one (a gift for my sister's birthday), at least that's my prayer.

The unfinshed wood plaque. I've taped off the section intended for the vinyl chalkboard
The fun scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby and the great vinyl chalkboard purchased from Pick Your Plum (love their stuff!)
I cut the scrapbook paper to fit the board then measured and cut the square out of the middle
I painted the edge of the board; making sure to paint a small edging around the top of the board as well
Here is where I "failed" - my Mod Podging needs some work. Though you can't see it in this picture, I have bubbles and wrinkles in the paper as well as an unsmooth finish from the Mod Podge I put on the top as a sealer (should have watched the tutorial before I began). After the paper dried, I used painters tape to cover the chalkboard portion and sprayed it with clear acrylic
Adding some hardware, galvanized wire and pearls for decoration and we have a handle for hanging
The finished product

Now that I know where I've made the mistakes, I'm headed back to complete the one I want to give my sister for her birthday. Let's just hope I've learned enough to make this one perfect - or as close to perfect as I can get (smile).


Maria@BubblegumandDuctTape said...

that turned out really nice, I can't even see the flaws. I've had my share of bad projects but I've never posted them. It is a good idea though, others will learn from our mistakes. I love using Mod Podge. I'm thinking that maybe you used too much?
good luck on the next one.

Angela said...

Hey Maria! Thanks - it looks okay from a distance but up close and personal not so much...LOL! Yeah, I decided to blog it since it was my first try. I've got plans to do several other wood Mod Podge projects so I'm sure I'll get the kinks out (hopefully) over time. You are right though, I forgot to spray the paper first hence the wrinkles and bubbles and I think a combination of too much Mod Podge and the wrong brush to apply it caused the unsmooth finish. Back to square one I go....

Michelle James said...

I have done serveral mod-podge projects when I was teaching at my store and sometimes I could not figure out what made some bubble while others turned out great. Sometimes mine would be fine then all of the sudden, months later, I would have weird bumps. (Although I think this was due to extremem temp changes) We live in Northwest Iowa. I love your project! Thanks for sharing. If you feel like checking out our crafty blog we always love new followers.


Angela said...

Hey Michelle! Thanks for dropping by my blog and thanks for the encouragement. I love your've got some great crafty stuff going on over there (smile).

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