August 19, 2011

Message Board - Take 2!

Time for take 2! After reviewing the tutorial again, I gave it another try and this time I'm much happier with the end product.

The board and scrapbook paper

Paper cut to size and the area cut out for the vinyl chalkboard

Painted the edges with a pearlized black acrylic paint, making sure to paint a small edging around the top of the board

Covered the chalkboard with painters tape while I sprayed with clear acrylic

Found these great beads on clearance at Hobby Lobby to use for the handle. I placed them on galvanized wire and used jewelry wire to create the design.

The finished board and beaded handle

Perfection? Not quite, but it's certainly close - or at least closer than the last one (LOL!). As with anything, there are lessons to learn and this project is no exception, but I'm pleased and I hope my sister will be too!


Amandine Mai Hiver said...

That came out rather nice! Good work!

Angela said...

Thanks Amandine! :-)

Mod Podge Amy said...

How fun! I love the little chalkboard section and the beaded handle. How creative!!

Angela said...

Thanks Amy! I love your site and it's because of you that I got the nerve to even try it (smile).

Jesuslovesme said...

Great idea! I homeschool and this is a great project for the kids to make for a loved one. ;)

Little Blue's Room said...

Thanks! It would work well with magnet paint or even dry erase vinyl.

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