August 14, 2011

A Night in the Studio

Last night I had the best time! I wasn't enjoying the newest movie Help (though I have every intention of going to see it - the book was great!), hanging out at the local watering hole or even out to dinner with my sweetie. I was out with my friend Brooke at an art studio. Now for some that might not sound like a fun night but for the two of us, who love to be creative, we were completely overjoyed at the thought of spending some time away from our mommy duties to hang out with each other doing something fun and whimsical.

Our journey to last night began several months ago when we purchased a Groupon to a local canvas art studio. We realized the Groupon's were about to expire and she had already decided which date she wanted to go based on the art schedule - they were going to paint owls. Her oldest daughter's bedding has beautiful little pink owls in it and she wanted to paint something to incorporate into her new bedroom.

So we head off to our class at 6:30pm, stopping at Starbucks for something to drink before arriving. The class began at 7:00pm. Brooke has been to the studio twice before and she reassured me that it would be fun and not to worry because there would be step by step instruction. It was such a relaxing experience and she and I were the last to leave - at 11:30pm....LOL! The instructor was a wonderful woman with an art background who was extremely patient and very understanding - especially considering I was the last one to finish and the reason she was still there 40 minutes after everyone else left.

I haven't painted anything since my art class in college so I wondered how I would do but I went in with an open mind and here is what I came home with.....

My little family of owls - mommy, daddy and a rockin' baby

During class I decided that I would make my painting a representation of my little family and for those who know the little prince, they know he loves music so what could be more appropriate than my little baby owl rocking!

What a great addition this painting will be to the little prince's big boy music themed bedroom. A wonderful night shared with a great friend and I'll always have something to look at as a reminder - life can't get much better than that!

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