November 21, 2013

Thanksgiving Cards

It's almost Thanksgiving!  Retail would have you believe that it's Christmas {don't even get me started on that!} but for me, I love Thanksgiving and everything that goes with remembering my blessings and being grateful for my life.

I have been super busy lately but I just couldn't let the holiday pass without crafting something so I spent my day off playing around with my Silhouette machine.  Since joining my online Silhouette group, I've learned SO much about my machine and what it can do.  I have a long list of crafts I'd like to try, but I decided I would start simple.  Cards

Where is that turkey?

Pumpkin Love

All about the pilgrims

These were fun to make and I look forward to getting them in the mail this weekend to friends.

Happy Thanksgiving from my family to yours!

{Note: Sorry about the poor photos -- I'm learning to use my camera so these pictures were me playing around with different settings.  Give me grace...I'm growing in my photography.  (smile) }

Where we like to party!



Anonymous said...

Thanksgiving cards

Leah Elizabeth Locklear said...

Angela! There you are! I haven't seen you on Live, Love, Blog lately! I wish I had seen these cute little cards during the Thanksgiving Holiday's! What a neat idea to create creative cards for family during Thanksgiving! Thanks for sharing! ~Leah~

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