January 14, 2014

For a Cause

As a mom, I absolutely adore my little guy.  All of those cliche things you hear about motherhood are true.  You really do wear your heart outside your body when you become a mom.  But my heart belonged to someone else several months before my son was born.  I fell in love via the internet.

Her name is Apple and she had a story.  She was one of thirty dogs that had been removed as a part of a hoarding case.  The conditions that she and the others were kept in were horrific.  Caged, sick, underfed and a mother by the age of one, she was rescued by some amazing people - A Forever Home Rescue.  They gave her the medical attention she so desperately needed and found her a great foster home.  The moment I saw those beautiful brown eyes staring back at me from my screen eight years ago, I knew I had found my four legged fur baby...and she had found her forever home.

This sweet girl may never have been a part of my family if it weren't for the work of people who chose to act quickly and help change her fate.  People who work tirelessly to rescue animals in sometimes deplorable situations and give them a better life.  What they do would not be possible without financial support and now giving couldn't be easier thanks to Causora.com.

Causora's mission is to raise more funds by rewarding donations.  Rewarding donations?
Yes, when you give, you get.  Here's how it works:

Choose your favorite cause and make a donation
Get the equivalent value in Causora credits {Donate $20, get $20 reward credit to spend}
Redeem your credit for vouchers at 150+ socially responsible merchants

What could be better?  You help your favorite cause and you get a reward for doing so.  Causora calls this their "one-for-one giving platform" and for a person who lives on a budget and is all about a great deal, this is a major score!

If you are interested in helping A Forever Home do what they do best, click the link below.

Donate Now On Causora And Get Rewards!

Doggie rescue not your thing?  Your philanthropic heart lies elsewhere? No problem.  Head over to Causora.com to choose your cause, make your donation and receive your reward.  It's that simple.

Now, I know what you are thinking.  You really want to know about that cute collar she is wearing, right?
No need to fear - a post is coming soon!

This sponsored post is brought to you by Causora.com.  Be sure to like them on Facebook,  follow them on Twitter and on Google+

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