November 26, 2014

Pumpkin Turkey

Happy Thanksgiving!

As we prepare ourselves to feast on some of the best food ever, I thought I'd throw one more craft your way to get you in the mood to give thanks this holiday season.

I was the winner {winner, winner Turkey dinner} of this craft from Dee over at The CSI Project.  She posted her Turkey Feather Craft/Giveway and my entry won.  I was very happy because I had missed this deal from Pick Your Plum and really wanted it.  As Dee said, it was meant for me to have!

As soon as my box arrived, I couldn't wait to get started.  There was only one problem -- I didn't have a pumpkin.  I was worried because most stores in my area have stopped selling pumpkins now that Halloween is over.  A trip to Hobby Lobby for something completely unrelated and I found this.

Did you know there was such a thing as an 'artificial carvable pumpkin'?  Well, I certainly didn't.  Apparently, you can take this pumpkin and carve it into all sorts of things.  Who knew!?!  I was excited because with it being carvable that meant I could stick my feathers into it without it damaging the pumpkin.  But the best part, this baby was on sale for 80% off the original price.  So my $26 pumpkin only cost me $5 and change.  Can we all say "SCORE"!

I woke up early Sunday morning and got right to work.  I found some great papers in my scrapbook supplies and here is what I came up with - my wonderful Pumpkin Turkey!

Getting those feathers in was a little tricky so they aren't sitting exactly the way I would like but I love it and what a great decoration for the holiday.

Little Blue's Room wishes you and your family a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving!

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