February 18, 2013

Big Boy Bed Hack

When it was time to get the little prince his new "big boy" bed, we took a trip to Ikea to look for something that would work for his small room {also because I simply adore that place!}.  My little guy fell in love with a bed that he affectionately termed his 'ladder bed' but the rest of the world knows as bunk beds - haha!

He loves his new bed.  I've been working on creating an inviting space for him but wasn't sure what I would do with the bed until I found this bed on Pinterest from Ikea Hackers.  Sold!  Now I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

Welcome to The Blue Note Club!

His new hideaway
Can't have a club without customers, right?

The easy part of this hack was putting up the vinyl, thanks to my Silhouette machine.  The hard part - creating those curtains.  I'm not sure if I've said this before but let me say it now -- I HATE sewing!  I don't like doing it and I'm horrible at it and let's not even get me started on what happened when I tried to use the sewing machine - Oy vey!

I found the material at Hobby Lobby.  It's fleece and though I would have preferred a cotton material {which for the record has to be easier to sew than fleece...just saying}, I couldn't pass it up since it had all the music notes on it...so cool!

If you look close enough {please don't...haha} you can see that they are slightly uneven and a little too long.  This is a problem that will be tackled later, but for now it works and my son is happy with it.

He also needed new bedding since we had been using his baby blankets to cover him up at night.  So for Christmas, we bought him musical themed sheets and a comforter set.

Rock and Roll

Close-up - cool, right?

I found the sheets on Amazon.com, Egyptian cotton and they feel amazing and cost only $20 -- so worth it! Now I just had to find a great comforter set that wouldn't break the bank.  Walmart to the rescue!  $30 and this will complete the bed...Yippee!!!

Rockin' pillow sham
Love the guitar!
He is so happy and that makes me happy.  Now to figure out how to sew a hem on those dang curtains....

Where we like to party!


Kirsten@One Tough Mother said...

This is really cute! You did a great job, and I'm so glad you stopped by to link up! I'm sharing on Twitter now :) Hope to see you again next Monday!

Little Blue's Room said...

Thanks so much Kirsten! I found your linky party through another -- glad I found you too! I'll be sure to link up again. :-)

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