March 1, 2013

Feeling Flattered

It has been said that 'imitation is the best form of flattery' and I have to say that I totally agree!

Several months back I was contacted by someone who saw the pirate ship cupcake stand that I made for my friend's son and she liked it so much that she decided to create one for her son's 5th birthday.  She sent me the pictures of her completed project and not only was I impressed with the awesome job she did, I couldn't stop smiling that she liked what I created enough to take my idea and make it her own.

Her name is Janaa Anderson -- check out Logan's ship!

The detail that I absolutely love about her ship are the anchors {wish I had thought of this} -- she truly made this her own.  My hope is that her little guy was overjoyed.

Having one person use your inspiration to create their own is wonderful but having two people do it is simply amazing!  A mommy that I know from a local mom's group saw the  Preschool Valentines I did for my son and liked it so much that she chose to use it as the basis for her son's school Valentines this year.

Her name is Nekia Miller -- check out Max's Valentines!

I LOVE that she used blue.  She shared with me that her son didn't want them to look "girly" so they chose the blue paper and he was very happy with the end result.

So many times on this journey I have wanted to just quit {especially when I get into the habit of comparing myself with others...bad idea, I know} but when you learn that something you created was an inspiration to someone else, it's at that point that you realize what you do matters and has value.

Thanks so much ladies for sharing with me your creations so I can share them with my readers!

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