January 23, 2015

Monkey-ing Around

I was so excited to do this craft.  Not only was it for a fellow teacher, but it was going to be for my son's former first grade teacher.

Ms. J.W. is simply awesome.  She is young, vibrant and innovative and loves what she does.  She is structured and loving, just the right combination for a first grade teacher.  My son loved her and we were grateful for the amazing year he had under her instruction.  You remember my best customer Thasha?  This year her daughter is in Ms. W's class and believe me when I say they were overjoyed to get her as well.

One of the activities that Ms. W. does in her class to encourage writing skills is to have the children take home the class mascot 'Marvin the Monkey' for the weekend.  The children include Marvin in their weekend plans and they journal everything that happens.  Well over the years Marvin {and the bag he is carried in} has been loved by many, but so many trips to the homes of friends has left his bag a little worn.  Thasha and the other class mom decided a great birthday gift would be to give Marvin a new bag filled with Ms. W's favorite goodies.

After getting help from the little prince on which Silhouette file to use, I got to work on creating a new bag. I got lucky and bought the last bag Hobby Lobby had in stock and placed an order to Expressions Vinyl for the brown and cream htv that I would need.

I had to separate the file into pieces based on color.  Most of the monkey will be brown with a few cream and black pieces.  The words will be white.

The bag ready to be designed.

It is important when using a cut file with as many pieces as this one that you pay close attention to how the pieces go back together, particularly if you plan to use htv like I did.  I checked and re-checked the file before putting down each piece.

HTV is a wonderful medium to use.  It layered each piece with ease.  I was concerned that I might have trouble with it becoming "sticky" or peeling off due to repeated heat in an area but it held up beautifully.

How adorable is he!?!  I was so pleased with how well this turned out and I waited anxiously to hear how Ms. W felt about her gift.  I didn't have to wait long, Thasha sent me a pic of her loving her new bag {and goodies}.

Happy Birthday Ms. W and happy traveling Marvin!

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