April 9, 2011

Making a Home

During the Christmas holidays I changed the wreath on our front door and with such a busy schedule I hadn't given much thought to it. Occassionally I would think to myself "time to change that wreath" but I have a large space that needs to be covered and the other one that I have is a bit faded and needs to be replaced. Well a week or so ago as I was sitting in my family room (you can see the front door from our couch), I noticed that a little bird was creating a nest in my wreath. I immediately began to think what should I do, leave it up or take it down before she actually makes a nest, but taking it down meant finding the time to make another (when to find time to do that?) so I decided to let it stay. Sure enough mama bird has been working on a place for her babies for days and has built a pretty strong and secure place to lay her eggs. The nest is currently empty, but I do worry about it since we actually use the front door. I still haven't come up with a plan if she does make this a baby birdie nursery, but it was just too cool not to share. A bit of nature has been shared with our family and what a cool learning experience for the little prince.

The wreath (look closely at the top to see the nest)

Another view

A close-up of the nest

I guess maybe my next project should be to work on a new Spring door wreath....LOL!

~ Happy Crafting!

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