May 21, 2011

Party Like A Pirate!

The party was a blast! The kids were so excited when they arrived to help the birthday boy celebrate turning 4.

The birthday boy's pirate shirt

Pirate decorations

Once the party started, each child was given their respective pirate paraphernalia ~ eye patch, periscope and treasure map. Each map had three clues:
1 ~ Find Skully and you're on your way
2 ~ Look for gold doubloons in the palm tree
3 ~ Walk the plank ~ but be quick...tick, tock here comes a croc!

Ready, set, go...let's find our treasure!

Found the treasure!

Now time to sing Happy Birthday and have some cupcakes

It has been my absolute pleasure to help with this party. It was fun to plan and even more fun to watch the kids have such a great time. Thanks so much Tiffany for letting me be a part of your little prince's special day!


Anonymous said...

Great ideas. My little one is turning one, and we want to do the pirate theme, too. I'm sure we can attempt the cupcake ship. The treasure hunt is a great idea.
I think we are going to play pin the x on the map, too.
Thanks again!

Little Blue's Room said...

Thanks. The trick to the cupcake display is making sure to cut the ship sides longer than the shoe box. I used scotch tape to connect the front two pieces together then used glue to secure it to the sides of the covered shoebox.

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