May 17, 2011

{Special Feature} ~ Wings

I just had to share this special feature. When I picked up the little prince from preschool today, he and all his friends were wearing these adorable handmade wings made by the mother of one of his classmates. She made one for each child in the class (8 in total) as a gift, a favor of sorts, because they were celebrating her son's 4th birthday. After professing my love of them (and her, I decided on the ride home that I just had to post this so others could see.

An elastic band attaches the wings across the back, an elastic band holds them on the upper arm and a piece of ribbon is used to tie to the wrists (all sewn on).

A close-up. Wow, look at all those rows!

Aren't they just precious! The amount of work that went into one of these is amazing and she did 7 others!

Great job Ms. Robin! These are going to make a wonderful addition to the little prince's dress-up box.

~ Happy Crafting!

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