February 5, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

To celebrate Valentine's Day this year {and my one year blogging anniversary}, I put together a mini party for the little prince.

With the help of my friend Whitney {big "ups" to you girl for coming to help out}, we came up with a simple design that was easy to create. I've never been big on decorating for Valentines so I don't own a lot of decorations. Well....let's just be real here, "owning a lot" means that I had one heart shape plate and a wall hanging that we use outside {smile}. So to put this together required that a few things be picked up. After a trip to Target, the Goodwill and the dollar store, I had everything needed to make a "sweetheart" of a table that will make you fall in LOVE!

Our beautiful "heart" themed table -- LOVE


Our "Conversation Heart" themed food

What a great time I had putting this together. Little Blue's Room wishes you and your loved ones a 'heart filled' Valentine's Day!

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Whitney "Mrs. Wendy" =P said...

You the best!!! I had such a GREAT time helping you out and making this look SO wonderful!!! =] You are such a "crafty" lady, with such fantastic ideas!!! I'm so glad I could help with all of this!!! GO US!!! hehehe =] Love you!!!

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