June 17, 2013

A Sign and Party Pics

May was a busy crafting month for me.  One of the projects I worked on were centerpieces for a Doc McStuffins birthday party for my best customer.  I'm so excited and honored to show you this party.  I loved the job she did for her sweet baby girl, I asked if she would allow me to share the party with my readers.

But before we get there I wanted to show you the sign that I made for her as well.  She found a Doc McStuffins chalkboard at the dollar store and asked if I could write the famous quote from the show "Time for your checkup".  Well of course!  Let me share just how simple that was.

The dollar store chalkboard -- great, right!?!

The process to write on the board is so easy you won't believe it.  Use your computer and type what you want in whatever font you want and print it out.  I chose a large rounded font which I think works better.

Time for your check up!

I cut out each word, turned them over and covered them completely with chalk.  Once they were covered, I placed them on the chalkboard where I wanted them {chalk side down}and used a pencil to fill in each letter.

Each word completely covered in chalk

All done!

After filling them in with pencil and removing the paper you'll want to go over each letter with chalk.  If you have any mistakes take a small paint brush and some water to remove the chalk {it's like magic eraser}.  My only advice - make sure you really cover each word with chalk.  If you don't it will be to light to go over afterward.

Now without further ado, it's party time.  Here is Miss Corrine's 5th Birthday Party!

The invitation

The birthday banner welcoming her friends

The birthday girl waiting for her guests to arrive

Face painted with Doc McStuffins -- awesome job!

The amazing birthday cake

Syringe jello shots {genius!}

The party table {don't you just LOVE the polka dots!?!}

Doc McStuffins centerpiece

Stuffy centerpiece

Bears -- each child was able to stuff their bears and dress it in a personalized t-shirt

Check up sign

Lambie and Hallie centerpiece at the gift table

The party planners and birthday girl

Thanks so much to the Glenn family for sharing their little girls' special day with my readers.  Until next time....


Shara from Palmettos and Pigtails said...

What an adorable party! And I love the jello shots! Thanks for sharing your ideas!

Little Blue's Room said...

I think the same thing Shara - very adorable! Thanks for stopping by.

Brenna said...

Such cute ideas. You are so good at this, the party looked perfect!

Little Blue's Room said...

Thanks Brenna! They did an absolutely wonderful job putting this party together. I'm glad that I could help in such a small way!

Sandra Jean said...

Where did you find the bears to stuff and the polka dot table cloth?

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