June 12, 2013

Our Garden....Harvest Time!

I've said this before but it certainly bears saying again...I never thought I would enjoy gardening.  When my son asked me to create a garden for him, I put him off for an entire year hoping {praying really} that the interest was a passing fancy and that he would move on from that idea.  Well, he didn't and after asking again and again I finally conceded and created his Spring Garden.

Now it's time to confess.  I have LOVED everything about this little garden of his!  I didn't think it was possible, especially because my non-love of nature still exists, but I truly do and this has not only been fun but a learning experience too.

We have talked to, fertilized, weeded and watered this little garden with care and our efforts have paid off.  We have harvested our first crop of the season and I don't think we could be anymore excited!

Some of the lessons that I've learned from this:

Green beans grow quickly.
Cucumbers are a vine plant and really need a much larger space to grow in {2x2 is WAY too small}.
Next year the little raised boxes will house only flowers; larger raised boxes for the vegetables are a must.
Carrots should be planted alone {those poor things have been crowded out by the beans and cucumbers; no growth at all}

Yippee -- tomatoes!

Our one red strawberry

Here's another -- YAY!

Growing cucumbers

Booming with green beans!

Picking his strawberry

Our harvest -- look at those green beans!

Growing food that we can eat and being proud of our accomplishment ranks #1 for us.  If you haven't tried a garden, give it go...you might be surprised at how much you enjoy it with your little one too!


CheapD said...

I had trouble with the green beans last year. We would get maybe five a day, so ONE person could have beans each night... Leave you carrots in and they might come up later. Mine actually stayed there about 9 months then took off! I was a first year gardener last year. This year I'm still no expert, but at least I knew to buy the tomato plants that didn't grow 12 feet tall, and to get some trellis for the cucumbers!! Sweet post!

Little Blue's Room said...

Thanks for stopping by CheapD! Let me tell you how surprised I was when I saw all the green beans that were growing -- you would have thought we won the lottery the way my little guy and I were whooping it up...LOL! Thanks for the advice about the carrots. I'll certainly leave them and hope for the best. Like you, I'm no expert but I'm certainly learning a lot and looking forward to many years of gardening together as a family. :-)

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