October 15, 2013

You've Been Boo-ed!

My neighborhood has a Halloween tradition of "Boo-ing" it's neighbors.  What, you never heard of being boo-ed?  Well don't worry, neither had I until I moved here.  Let me give you a little background.  Someone in the neighborhood leaves you a little Halloween bucket of goodies on your front porch and you are to pay it forward to someone else.  Cool, right?

We've been living here almost five years and this is the first time our house has been 'boo-ed'.  My son was overjoyed to see a bucket full of goodies -- a coloring book, pencils, a cup, glow stick, mini M&M's, Halloween mini bobble head toys, hand soap and Duncan Hines Simply Morning muffin mix.  We got a great bucket!

When I told my son what it was for and how we needed to do the same and leave it for someone else, he was all for it.  A trip to the dollar store and we were in business.  Check out our 'Boo Bucket'!

We decided on the kitty bucket because it was different than the normal plastic bucket and well....it's really cute!

We included a pack of glow sticks, a flashlight with interchangeable projector tops, a flashing ghost necklace, mini M&M's {because my son said we should}, a kitty drinking cup, a pumpkin plate, pumpkin mini baking cups and Pillsbury funfetti cake mix.

A view from the other side

Each bucket contains the goodies and also a little note.

Once you've received your bucket, you need to cut off the other side of the note and place your ghost on your door.  This way your neighbors know you've been boo-ed and will move on to another house.  I of course didn't do this part quick enough because we were boo-ed twice.  I was sure to share that bucket with another neighbor.

I hope the family that receives our bucket loves and enjoys it as much as we loved and enjoyed ours.  Happy Halloween neighbor!

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