October 31, 2013

A Halloween Costume


If your house includes little ones, I'm sure they are just about over the moon for the fun that will happen later tonight.  The little prince can barely contain himself.  It is all I've heard about the entire week and this mornings conversation was in overdrive!

Today's post is all about the fun I helped to create for my favorite customer.  Once again, she has challenged my skills in order to make her daughter's dream a reality.  This project involved sewing -- by hand nonetheless.  Now I'm sure I've said this before but it bears saying it again -- I don't sew!  Nope, sewing and I have what I consider a love/hate relationship.  In fact, for those who know me well know that sewing makes me sad.  Don't laugh...I really mean that!  So you can imagine all the things that ran through my head when my customer called me to say that she wanted me to make a costume for her little girl {say what??}.

The costume is based on this one from PBK.  They loved everything about it, except the price.

Source: Pottery Barn Kids - Super Hero Amazing Girl Costume
Cute, right?  That's what I thought too.  My second thought was how in the world was I going to recreate this.  She told me that I would only need to make the skirt, cuffs and mask because they owned a cape and crown.  Only those three, huh?  Well, I decided to jump in with both feet and I'm glad that I did.  I was extremely happy with the end product.  Was it the exact replica of this?  Hahaha, of course not!  We ARE talking about a non-sewer creating this, but it turned out magically and best of all I had a little girl who couldn't stop smiling.  That to me is always success!

I began with the skirt.  A trip to Hobby Lobby and I purchased the tulle, elastic, ribbon and this great gold shiny material that was a perfect match for the shoes she would wear.

I attached the tulle to the elastic in a pleated fashion.  I then began adding the shiny hearts {her cape has a large heart with a "C" in the middle for her name}.

A close-up of the heart
I placed each heart randomly around the tulle so they could be seen front and back then sewed them on.

Sewn onto the tulle
I included two layers of tulle for this with each layer folded in half so essentially there was four layers of tulle.  I included a layer of a satin material to create an 'underskirt' as well.


It was time to begin working on the ribbon band.

Now I have a finished skirt!

Unfortunately, in the end we decided to remove the underskirt...it just didn't work.

Next in line were the cuffs and mask.  For these I drew out the design and used coordinating felt to create them.

Okay, no comments about the eye holes...lol.  We realized after putting everything on that the eye holes needed to be made larger so I had to do some additional cutting.  Not the best work but her sight won't be impeded when she's out trick-or-treating.

Here is a look at Superhero Corrine in her entire outfit:

Could she get any cuter!?!  She was in love...and I do mean in love.  Can't you tell by this pose?  Thanks so much to her mom for sewing the heart/"C" onto the leotard to put the finishing touches on the top.

Now she's all ready to be Superhero Corrine and I'm so glad I was able to be a part of making that happen!

Hoping that you and your little one(s) have a safe and fun Halloween.


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Lori Wescott said...

I LOVE that costume!! And I don't think you could've found a more adorable model.

Lori Wescott said...

Is this on Pinterest yet? I need to share…

Little Blue's Room said...

Hey Lori! THANKS so much! I am SO extremely proud of it...especially because I don't sew! Hahaha! Nope, it's not on Pinterest yet but feel free to share away -- I only had time to get it on FB and Twitter.

Brenna said...

Looks awesome! I am so proud of you!!!!!!!!

Little Blue's Room said...

Awww Brenna, Thank you so much! That means a lot coming from you. :-)

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