July 11, 2011

Pizza Boxes

My friend Tiffany is the mother of 3 wonderful little people - her oldest daughter Annabella, her middle son Jack and the newest member of the family baby Bryan. I recently helped her with her son Jack's pirate party and now she is planning Annabella's 6th and Bryan's 1st birthday.

The story of these two is one of the sweetest things I've ever heard. Annabella wanted another baby, but not just any baby - a baby brother (she didn't consider Jack as a "baby brother"...lol). Each night before she went to sleep she would pray that God would give her a baby brother and to the complete surprise of her parents, He did just that (something her mom is still amazed by)!

So this year they will be sharing their birthday party ~ Pizza and Cupcakes! And how do I fit into this beautiful story you may ask? Well, she has asked for my crafting help. She asked me if I could make some pizza boxes that she could use as "gift bags" for the guests. The concept of a pizza box was pretty simple - square box with a top. What wasn't as simple was trying to find a material that would be strong enough to hold a CD, necklace and some tattoos

I took a trip to Hobby Lobby (I just love that place!) to check out my options and found some great colored cardboard that I thought would be useful. But during a morning playdate with my mommy friend Brooke, I mentioned what my new craft project was and she had a much simpler and more brilliant idea that I instantly fell in love with! She had a bunch of old DVD cases that she was getting rid of and she suggested that instead of taking the time to actually "create" boxes, why not use those cases. Since they are DVD cases, the CD's would fit perfectly without sliding around or falling out and we could use the other side (now the top) to secure both the necklaces and the tattoos. What in the world would I do without my crafty friends and their magnificent ideas!?!

After a few hours of using Microsoft Powerpoint (and eating almost an entire bag of apple candy twists...lol) this is what I designed for the pizza boxes:

A little trimming and let's see if it will fit into the case:

A finished pizza box:

I would have never thought to use an old DVD case for this craft project. I simply adore this because it not only is cute but kept the budget to "free". I think it looks great and should work well for what Tiffany needs it for. Let's just hope she thinks so too!

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