September 24, 2011

Before Meets After ~ Toy Bin

In my search to find stores with bargain items that can be used in my craft projects, I've found a hidden gem (at least it was hidden to me...hehe) that I never considered before. I've always known that my local Dollar Stores carried some great finds that could be turned into marvelous projects but had no idea that the local Goodwill would be a proverbial wonderland of inexpensive 'trash to treasure' items.

After a couple trips to the store, I've found a few things that can (and will) be transformed into great pieces. After giving some thought as to what to do with them, I've decided that I will begin a series titled "Before Meets After" - a chance to see these great bargains in their 'before' state and what they will look like 'after' a little crafting magic.

My first post isn't a dollar store or Goodwill find but it definitely qualifies for this category. As you know from my Art Center post, I'm working to complete my son's big boy room. Originally we put his toys in one of those 3-drawer plastic bins, but that just wasn't going to work anymore (it's now in my crafting corner) so I took an unused 3-shelf bookshelf and turned it into a cubbie.

A place for everything and everything in its place.......

An unused bookshelf from the basement playroom

Spray painted blue to match the room decor

Turned the bookshelf on its side to create cubbies. Cut out two guitar shapes using this great music note scrapbook paper. Using Mod Podge I applied them to the top on opposite ends

Bought these red bins from Target during their Back-to-School sale

Using my Silhoutte machine, I cut the letters in vinyl to go between the guitars (this was my first time using vinyl on my machine; I have a few tricks to learn about cutting and size)

Not the greatest picture, but a new toy cubbie filled with toys and ready for play!

It's not completely finished. I do hope that I'll get the chance to add a little curtain to disguise the space at the top where the bins don't quite reach, but that's a project for another day.

Stay tuned for more "Before Meets After" - but in the meantime.....


JDaniel4's Mom said...

I love the bright blue color you painted the shelves. This would look great in my son's room.

Little Blue's Room said...

Thanks! I'm really happy with choosing this color too, it brightens up the room more than the navy blue I had in his baby room.

Lovingmama said...

Love how you re-purposed this! It looks useful and adorable - Great JOB!
Stopping by from the Mom Loop Community!

Little Blue's Room said...

Thanks so much! His room is still a work in progress but I hope to have it finished soon.

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