September 25, 2011

It's Fall

It's officially FALL and what better way to welcome the new season than to craft a Fall theme project.

When I made my little Halloween signs (here and here), I had a few people ask me if I had anything Fall related and a bit bigger (the Halloween signs were approx. 5x7). Well I didn't at that time but took the request as a challenge to come up with something fun and just as cute.

This project looks nothing like what I had floating around in my head (this happens to me a lot!), but I love how the creativity comes to me as I'm working on a piece - some of these projects take on a life of their own...LOL!

Anyway without further ado, here is what I came up with......

Everything I need to get started. The frame came with these great 3x3 squares that you'll see in another craft at a later date

I painted the frame with chocolate brown acrylic paint. The paper came from another project, so I didn't have a full 12x12 sheet. I measured and cut the paper to fit inside the frame and used Mod Podge to glue it down

Using my Silhoutte machine, I cut the pumpkin design in another shade of orange scrapbook paper and applied it before using Mod Podge as a sealer. Once it dried I sprayed the entire frame with clear acrylic

Since I had to use two pieces of paper to fill the frame space, I ended up with a seam down the middle that I felt needed to be disguised. I had some thin brown ribbon on hand that worked perfectly to create this window design as well as used it to cover the perimeter of the frame as well

Using the Silhoutte again, I cut the little pumpkin cart out in vinyl and applied it to the bottom square. Both the flowers and scarecrow I bought at the dollar store (removed the stick from the scarecrow) and applied using super glue

All finished! I added the letters using some 3-D stickers I picked up from the dollar bin at Target last year.


Anonymous said...

What an amazing project Angela! Awesome! Love it! Coming by from MLFF and now following you as well! Great ideas you have here!...Leah

Little Blue's Room said...

Thanks so much Leah! I really have a great time crafting and I love sharing it with others. Thanks for the follow too! :-)

Deb Chitwood said...

Very nice, Angela ... great way to get in the mood for Halloween fun! I'm always amazed at the things crafty people are able to create for holidays!

Joyce said...

Angela, this is great! I have had some ideas for creating fall wall art, but never thought about using items like the flower and scarecrow. Like you I get an idea and then as I go something else appears. I look forward to seeing more of your creations now following. Followed you from MLFF.

Little Blue's Room said...

Thanks Deb and Joyce! And thanks for stopping by and taking a look around. :-)

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