October 8, 2011

Pumpkin Decor

Boy, I never thought that once school started back it would be this hard to carve out time to craft. As I continue to work with my schedule to find a way to get my projects finished and get them to my blog, I've decided that I can fill space with a few simple crafts that require little to no time (and of course little to no money...lol).

On my trip to Target, I found this great little grapevine pumpkin in the dollar bin section for $2.50 that I thought I would spruce up a bit and use as part of my Fall/Halloween decorations.

The flowers are from the Dollar Store and the ribbon was on sale at Michael's. I used my glue gun to attach both to the pumpkin and voila, it's finished in a matter of 30 minutes. It's going to make a great addition to my table for our dinner date with friends!



Love what you did to the pumpkin, I feel I need a trip to Target now.

Little Blue's Room said...

Thanks! Just be careful - Target can be a trap; I find that I spend WAY more money than I intend to when I enter that store...lol!

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