September 10, 2011

Halloween Craftiness!

Well, I've been so busy over the last two weeks. School is back in session and that not only means getting the little prince together each day but it also means the same for me since I teach where he goes to school. I am certainly going to miss our 'lazy days' of summer and the time I had each morning to craft.

Getting a handle on our new schedule may take some time but I think I've now figured out a way to carve out at least two mornings a week to get some work done (let's see how this pans out) and it starts with some Halloween crafts.

No tutorials today, just some pics of a couple things I was able to get finished. There are a few more in the works but for now, check these out.

My little pumpkin hair clip. I was so happy with how well this turned out. Now to figure out how to make a Christmas tree one...hmmmm.

Cute clip with a bell on it using the same pumpkin ribbon

A Trick or Treat sign made with a small wood plaque, some curvy wooden letters and grosgrain ribbon

A close up view - love the way it turned out

I've been thinking about putting together a little Halloween party for the little prince and his friends so stay tuned for more Halloween craftiness.

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