April 7, 2012

Bunny Garden

We are getting ready for Easter at our house as I'm sure you are at yours. Before time ran out on me, I wanted to get this post in to show you how to create something you could add to your Easter table. I used these for my son's egg hunt party - what a hit!

How to make a bunny garden:

All the supplies needed: one piece of styrofoam {to be cut in half}, one piece of green tissue paper cut into small squares, 6 fence pieces {4 short, 2 long}, spanish moss grass, and chalkboard garden stakes

To get started I used a large knife to cut the styrofoam in half. As you can see, it isn't completely straight {maybe I should have purchased that styrofoam cutter a year ago...lol), looks like my cutting skills need a little help {giggle}

Using Mod Podge and water I applied layers of tissue paper to all five sides of the styrofoam {I didn't worry about the bottom since it wouldn't be seen}

Completely covered

Using yellow acrylic paint, I painted all of the fence pieces {using a hand saw, I cut the two long fence pieces in half}

Using gorilla glue, I glued the fence pieces to the styrofoam

Using tacky glue, I applied the moss grass to the top of the styrofoam

I found these great chalkboard garden stakes in the dollar section of Michaels. Adding the stakes, the bunny and eggs {reused from last year's Easter decor} you have a great bunny garden

A look from the top

What an awesome addition this would make to any table decor. What I love most - it didn't cost more than about $10 to make two of them and as we all know, I love a bargain!

Happy Easter and....

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