April 22, 2012

Something For The Birds

It's so much fun hanging out with my little guy. Some of our favorite activities happen in our kitchen {he loves being mommy's little helper}, so this craft project is one that he and I did together.

We have a bag of bread crusts that we are planning to take to the pond near our house to feed the ducks and we decided that perhaps we should share some of it with the birds that we see in the tree in our front yard...enter our homemade bird feeder.

Getting bread and tearing it into smaller pieces for the food processor

Chopping the bread in the processor. I think this was his favorite part. Little boys love pushing buttons, don't they? {hehe}

Bread and birdseed mixed and ready to go

My sister gave me these great cones that she no longer needed. I took a whole punch and punched holes in each side for easy tree hanging

Spread the peanut butter on the cone and roll in the feed mix

Added twine and took it outside to hang it up in the tree

What a fun and simple craft to do with your little one. My son and I had a great time and we certainly hope that our birdie friends enjoyed our gift too!

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